Wooden Crystal Models

Model 7
Figure 194
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Physikalische Krystallographie

Physikalische Krystallographie

Miller Indices in KrystalShaper

Model 7 is half-scale in KrystalShaper:

The distance values given here in KrystalShaper are half the values measured along the wooden model.

Distances are measured from the origin of the coordinate system and the {110} plane is 1.225 centimeters from the origin in the model; however, 0.612 is entered in KrystalShaper.

The distance between the parallel planes {110} and {-1 -1 0} is 2.45 centimeters. 

KrystalShaper Animated GIF

Mineral Name:    Chalcanthite

CuSO4 5(H2O)

Chalcanthite Mineral Data

Color                            Blue, Blue-green
Cleavage                      {110} inperfect, {110} indistince, {111} indistinct
Fracture                        Conchoidal
Mho's Hardness            2.5
Luster                            Vitreous
Streak                            White
Crystal Form                  Triclinic
Specific Gravity             2.12 - 2.3

also known as Blue Vitriol or Copper Vitriol